Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

When I went to London a few weeks ago, one thing I was definitely on the hunt for was the Victoria's Secret store. Not so I could look at all the pretty lingerie but so I could look for these fragrance mists!

I had 'Midnight Dare' for Christmas last year and have been wearing it almost every day since, It lingers on you and your clothes for most of the day and oh my goodness the smell, it's described as 'Rasberry and Sandlewood' and is really fruity and young. My mum managed to find this in the outlet store in america for something like $2, so an absolute bargain. I couldn't find this scent in store but I still have half a bottle so hopefully it will last a little while more. 

I was expecting them to be a bit pricey in the UK store from seeing the differences in pricing between the Pink clothes in the Manchester store compared to the US, so I wasn't really surprised when I found out they were £13 each, 3 for £22 (i think) or 5 for £30. In the end I decided to get the latter deal and put three away for Christmas or my birthday!

The two new ones to my collection are 'Pure Seduction', red plum and freesia and 'Such a flirt', starfruit and white orchid. These probably wont be to everyone's tastes. as they are very fruity and sweet but they do feel refreshing . 

On another note, I couldn't get over the price of the bras in the store, £50 for a lace effect bra, which didn't even have lace on it, it was printed on to the fabric !!  Looking at the website I think they've just changed the $ into a £ sign. I suppose it's partly down to import costs but still !!!!

Have you tried any of the Victoria's Secret fragrances?

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Carys x

Sunday, 30 August 2015

10 things I wish I could tell my secondary school self.

  1. You don't have to wear make up to school to please other people, if your going to wear it do it for yourself! It used to annoy the hell out of me when i'd sit next someone and they'd ask me WHY i wasn't wearing make up (9/10 i was, but my foundation actually matched my skin and not bright orange so wasn't noticeable).
  2. Speak up more, even if you get the answer wrong it probably won't be the silliest answer in the class. 
  3.  If you want to try out for that school musical, do it, want to join the choir, why not? You may get judged but if you enjoy it then what's the problem?
  4. You are a lot smarter than you think you are.
  5. All those silly little arguments between your friends will be forgotten some day, maybe even in the same week.
  6.  There's no need to be scared of the 'popular' people, they are just like everyone else and there is no need to hold there opinions above everyone else's. Those mean girls will always be mean girls.
  7. Be the Hermione Granger you know you can be.
  8. It may be a bore now but when you finish school you will miss being able to see your friends everyday. Take advantage of it.
  9. You'll look back and wonder why you ever had so many blonde highlights.
  10. Time goes quickly, in year 7 it will feel like school will never end and that you have plenty of time to do everything you want to do, but before you know it it's year 11, your sitting your GCSE's and worrying about what your going to wear to prom. 
So all in all make the most of your time in secondary school, seize every opportunity, make friends who will stay with you and enjoy it before adult life creeps up on you !

Good luck everyone going back to school this week.

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Carys x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Pinspiration #5

Another week (or month) another lot of pins !


#1 Oh my goodness I made these the other day and they were delicious and super simple to make ! It's basically a crumble mixture and then you put half on the bottom and squish it down, lots of raspberry jam and then more crumble sprinkled on top !

#2 Super eyeliner envy right here 

#3 I need some sort of bed side table for my uni room and I kinda like the idea of using a trolley, although I don't think my mum will be as enthused as I am 

#4 Big floaty bell sleeves, vintage 70's pattern and knee high boots, need I say more 

#5 Christmas is still quite a way a way, although looking outside you would think it's October, but I love this bronze glitter eye shadow look ! Who says you have to wait for Christmas to wear this much glitter on your eyes? (Okay probably most people...)

There you have it, my favourite pins of this week ! What are yours?

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Carys x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A week in North Wales

Last week me, two dogs and my Mum and Dad bundled into the car to take a five hour road trip to North Wales to spend a week in a cottage in a tiny village, Llangernyw. It wasn't looking too good when the weather channel promised a rainy week but we made the most of it and for the most part we avoided almost all of the rain ! 

BeddGelert, The Old Stag pub, Swallow falls, The great Orm, The mad hatter, Car cuddles, Pulled pork burger. 

North Wales is a beautiful rural part of the world, filed with plenty of greenery, mountains, castles and not forgetting sheep! Seriously if castles are your game North wales is the place to go but unfortunately dogs aren't aloud so we had to admire from the outside. 

My Favorites...

  • Beaumaris- This little place is on the coast of Anglesey and is perfect if you want to visit anglesey but only want to make a quick visit as it's not that far from the Menai Bridge. There's a lovely dumpy little castle, small independent shops and a nice little coastal walk.
  • Scenic routes-  There were very few journeys that weren't scenic, Passing through mountains covered in slate was a sight to behold and the journey to and around the Snowdonia national park was beautiful. 
  • Llandudno- This is a seaside town filled with many independent shops and a few national chains, but not enough to overshadow the independent ones which was nice to see. If you are a fan of Alice and Wonderland there is an Alice Trail including statues in the town center of the mad hatter, evil queen and the white rabbit. The town was home to the real life inspiration for Alice which was an interesting fact to discover. It's also home to the most benches I have ever seen, you can tell that it's full of elderly people!  It's also home to the Great Orme which is a pleasant walk even for the unfit like me and you get great views of the town when you reach the top. 
  • Caernarfon- Again huge castle, lots of windy streets filled with small shops. That description doesn't do it justice at all but it really was a nice place. 
  • The Big Rock Cafe - This spot is located in Porthmadog and it was difficult to walk past the window without staring at the huge chelsea buns and cinnamon rolls sitting in the window. We had a Pizza, the only way I could describe it would be like a pizza / pasty hybrid.... It was a pizza dough wrap filled with potatoes, chickpeas, beans, spinach and spices. It was a fairly priced place with the pizza costing £2.
Honestly I think the only place in North wales that wasn't worth visiting is Rhyl, seriously don't put yourself thorough it !

Happy Tuesday 

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Carys xoxo

p.s I'm really not happy about this post, it just didn't go in the direction I wanted it to. Sorry for the crappy quality guys but it seemed a waste to not post. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pinspiration #4

/01/ If I had some shelf space in my room I would love to do something like this with loads of etsy prints!

/02/ Apparently strobing is the new big thing but it feels like people have been doing it for a while. I need to find out what highlighter this is !!! It's gorgeous

/03/ These Peanut Butter cookies are the bomb, like seriously I have never baked something so delicious, plus bonus point they are totally easy. Once you make them once you will probably end up making another batch within the week.

/04/ I love the whole giving a flash of your pretty lingerie thing, although I've never done it myself. It really gives something else to a plain, casual outfit.

/05/ A black suede skirt is at the top of my 'want list' at the moment! I think i might have more luck at the end of summer when more stores bring out a faux suede/suedette one, i'm looking at you New Look

Happy Sunday 

Thank you for reading 

Carys xoxo  

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lace up stripey top

Striped Top - Daisy Street via ASOS 
High waisted Black jeans - Primark 
Denim Jacket - Ebay 
Fringed Sandals - ASOS 
Ugly Feet - My own 

How nice is this weather we've been having recently !

Thank you 

Carys xoxo 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Small Maybelline Haul and First Impressions

I went into Boots and Superdrug the other day on the hunt for the age renew concealer with the sponge applicator but between two boots and one superdrug I could only find the darkest shade .... but there was 3 for 2 on in both shops and I couldn't resist picking up some new bits.

/1/ First up is the Master Sculpt Contouring Kit in Light/Medium, at first i thought it wouldn't be that great for travel because the packaging is quite bulky but then i realized that there is a hidden mirror and brush underneath so it probably would be quite travel friendly. The contour powder is really light which makes it more subtle for daytime and is great if like me you are a beginner and can be a bit heavy handed ! The highlighter gives a nice glow without being to shimmery,

/2/ Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner has a thin pen tip which helps make application more precise and allows for thin lines to be drawn which I struggle with usually with liquid eyeliners. I might even be able to attempt a decent cat eye with this applicator!

/3/ The Brow Satin is another newish release that has a wind up pencil on one end and a powder on the other. I really like the pencil end, it's really small and really defines your eyebrows. These come in a wide range of light and darker colours including mahogany red, which I thought was pretty good as most eyebrow pencils I see usually come in blonde, light brown and dark brown! I'm not so fussed on the powder, it's good but once I've filled them in with the pencil I don't feel like I need the powder bit, I personally would have prefered a wand to brush through the pencil on this end. 

Have you tried any of these products ?

Thank you for reading 

Happy July

Carys xoxo