Wednesday, 22 April 2015

25 inevitable thoughts while revising

  1. Okay I can do this, how hard can it be.... 
  2. Oh god this is hard.
  3. Did i even attend this lecture, i'm pretty sure I didn't miss this one.
  4. Is that even a word? Is it just one big spelling mistake?
  5. I know i'll make a revision timetable 
  6. *Spends half hour making a timetable for the week ahead*
  7. Ah this should work, How hard can it be to stick to this, I've been pretty realistic with timing....
  8. *3 hours later* aw god i'm completely off schedule already.
  9. Lets make a poster with loads of colour co-ordinating bits, and i can stick it on the wall and i'll have to stare at it all the time.
  10. *Spends 2 hours making a poster, never looks at it again*
  11. Okay I think i deserve a break now, shouldn't you have a 10 minute break for every 25 minutes of revision or something like that. this break is totally acceptable.
  12. *half hour later* I totally mistimed that break, back to revision.
  13. I know it's out future career but do we really need to know this much about blah blah?
  14. Time for another break, right?
  15. Slight panic attack when you realize how close your exams are and how little time you've got left.
  16. How can they say it's important to balance your social life with work when we have this much to do....?
  17. Tea-break
  18. It's totally acceptable to eat this bar of chocolate while revising..... *stress-eats*
  20. Wait, is that a grey hair?!
  21. I need alcohol
  22. It'll all be over soon, it'll all be over soon....
  23. Oh gosh my future relies on these exams
  24. I bet blah blah isn't having all this trouble!
  25. I need to 'Hermione Granger' over this 

Thank you for reading 

Carys xxx

This is going to be my last post for a while so i can focus on exams and revison (it seemed fitting), See you in June!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Asos wishlist

Everytime I go on ASOS lately I can't stop hitting the 'save for later' button, it's become my favorite form of procrastination, so I've accumulated quite a few items that I love through this! Luckily I've managed to avoid buying anything that I've saved so far, revision seems like a good excuse for a spending ban. There's a whole lot of suede, denim and bright prints! To be honest there's one or two bits i'm really considering buying, a few i'm hoping will go on sale at some point and then the majority I just like to look at. So presenting the entire contents of my 'saved items' list...

Thank you for reading 
Hope you have all had a good weekend 

Carys xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2015

20 Signs that your just not ready for this Adult thing

(Image taken from
  1. The thought of making a phone call to a company (or frankly anyone) still fills you with fear and results in you writing a script of what to say (only me?)
  2. You still don't know your alcohol limit until you've gone way past it.
  3. You can't stop a few drinks turning into a night out. 
  4. There are days when you can't remember when the last time you ate a vegetable was...
  5. You go more than three weeks without doing laundry and sometimes pick something out of the basket and spray it with deodorant so it's wearable.
  6. You have literally no clue about politics.
  7. Sometimes you spend whole days watching TV and don't move from the same spot for hours, and when you do it's probably to get snacks. 
  8. Procrastination. 
  9. You can spend hours and hours constantly refreshing social media for no reason at all.
  10. Failing miserably at saving money for important things.
  11. You can't send a text without an emoji.
  12. Your favorite TV show getting cancelled feels like the end of the world.
  13. It takes you a good hour to single handily change a double bed (breaks included).
  14. You count walking to the shop to buy a packet of biscuits a reasonable form of exercise.
  15. Not being able to function with a hangover. 
  16. Sometimes you lie in bed for a good proportion of the day.
  17. You get anxious at the thought of going to the Dr's on your own.
  18. Your sleeping pattern makes even you shake your head
  19. You still ask your parents permission to do something and even they wonder why you did
  20. You just don't feel ready to do this whole Adult thing.

Thank you for reading

Carys x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pinspiration #2

01 After the Easter Holidays, when I get back to my student house, I'm planning on doing the 'Whole 30'. I've been scanning Pinterest for the past weeks looking for some recipes I could do while on the plan and some inspiration. This Roasted Root vegetable, Tomato and Kale mixture is definitely one i'm going to try out.

02 I have to admit that I've been missing my 'Blend Active' since I've been home, i'm always looking for new recipes to try out with it.

03 Still obsessed with the 70's trend, another look that I wish I could somehow pull off.

04 This living room is the dream !

05 I'm really fed up with having my hair straight, I style it the same way day after day, so really want to try something different. I've been curling my hair more recently but can't seem to get out of the tight curls stage. My hairs a bit shorter than the models but I want to try and get the curls to be relaxed and natural like the above,

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend
Has anyone tried the Whole 30?

Thank you for reading

Carys x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pretzel Chocolate Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are the perfect combination of sweet and salty ! Pretzels are one of my favorite snacks so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I knew I had to try them out. I actually baked them a few months ago but writing this post makes me want to bake them all over again.

It's a pretty simple recipe, it's just a standard cookie recipe but instead of rolling into balls you just pour it out into a baking tin. I used a mixture of smashed up Rolo and milk chocolate in my cookies and the little caramel bits made them taste even better. I think I used a few more pretzels than recommended as well just because of my belief that you can never have too many pretzels, although this did make them a bit harder to cut into squares because of the pretzels crossing boundaries. 

The full recipe can be found on 'Just a Taste'  but here is a list of the ingredients you need....

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips, divided (I added in a packet of Rolo's as well)
1 cup crushed salted pretzels, divided (Or however many you like|!)
2 teaspoons vegetable oil

Happy Baking 

Carys x

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pinspiration #1

I spend the majority of Sunday mornings scrolling endlessly through Pinterest looking for inspiration for the week ahead, isn't that what Sunday mornings were made for? 

01 You can't beat a warming bowl of homemade chilli, throughout the week there are very few days I have time to cook so I always like to make a big pot of something on the weekend so I can freeze a few portions to eat when I haven't got a chance to cook. Plus it's slightly more healthy than your regular Chilli with turkey rather than beef mince . 

02 I recently bought a pair of New balances so have been looking for ways I could style them. Everyone always makes their outfits look so effortless. 

03 I've realized I need a bit more positivist in my life lately and need to stop worrying about what has happened in the past and all the could have been's.

04 No pinterest browsing session is complete without finding at least one scrummy baking recipe. 

05 We've recently found our student house for next year and even though our hall obviously doesn't look like this (I wish) I still think it would be a really nice idea to try and hang some fairy lights. I'm in the attic so I might even try it on the staircase up to my room. Who doesn't love some fairy lights. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What I'm watching right now

There's nothing I like better than watching an episode of my favorite TV show right before I go to sleep. 

Here's what I'm watching at the moment...

01 : American Horror Story - A show that I put off watching for ages because I have a bit of a phobia of horror films but it wasn't half as horrifying as I thought it would be. I sailed through Murder house, stumbled a bit through Asylum until the last few episodes, watched Coven in under a week and am going the same way with freakshow! 

02: Forever - This is probably more a love it or hate it kind of show depending on the sort of thing you like. I personally love it but I don't think the reviews for it are that great and i'm hoping that it will get renewed for a second season. It stars Ioan Gruffudd who is an immortal M.E living in New York who also acts as a detective. He's a bit like an immortal Sherlock Holmes. It's an easy watch

03: The 100 - When i began to watch season 1 I wasn't really fussed and I didn't think it would be something i'd become hooked on but half way through it happened and I was waiting with bated breath to see what would happen to the 100 next, season 2 has just finished in the US and I don't know how i'm going to wait till AW to see what happens next. 

04: How to get away with murder- There are plenty of cliffhangers on this show and the season finale had me questioning everything ! It has a pretty great cast with Viola Davies being absolutely amazing and kick ass. 

05: Parks and Recreation - I spend way too much time binge watching this show, how will I cope when I reach the last season. Lesley Knope is queen and don't get me started on everyone else!

06: Once upon a time : Another easy watch and has just returned from a break with some new Disney villains .

07: The Mindy Project: Love Love Love this show, Mindy Kaling is my hero !

Honorable mentions....

/Dance moms (guilty pleasure)/ Game of Thrones (Season 5 is coming!)/ Brooklyn 99/ Modern Family/ Pretty Little Liars/ Breaking bad/ The Musketeers/