Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Beauty Bargain #2 Bio-Oil Half price @ Wilkinsons

Bio-Oil £9.99 @ Wilkinsons

When I noticed my current bottle of Bio-Oil was almost empty, I started to scout around online looking for the best deal and the cheapest I could find for a 200ml bottle was £12.10 on Amazon.com, So imagine my surprise when I went into Wilkinsons one day and saw a few bottle in the reduced isle reduced from £19.99 to £9.99

When I took it to the till it came up at the original price but due to it being incorrectly marked I still got it for £10 no questions asked. I think the lady in the shop said that they had stopped stocking the 200ml bottles recently, which is why it was separate from the others, but that they were still meant to be sold at full price. 

I've been using the previous bottle for about 6 years as it wasn't something I would use routinely, just every once in a while when needed but lately I've been using it a lot on the 'chicken skin' on my arms in an attempt to make it look less purple and red, and some stretch marks.

If you're looking for Bio-Oil it's definitely worth checking your local Wilkinsons just in case it has been marked but Lloyds Pharmacy currently have the 200ml bottle on offer for the same price.

Hope this post is helpful

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Friday, 12 September 2014

New Look AW14 Wishlist

Me and New Look seem to have a love hate relationship. I'l go through phases of loving everything in there and then other times I'l go off it completely but this season there is way too much stuff that I have got my eye on!

/1/ 2/ 3/ 4/

As you may be able to tell from this selection, i'm really on the hunt for a pastel coat this season and New look have some really cute ones in at the moment. I keep getting pulled towards the third blue funnel coat but haven't committed just yet.

/1/ 2/ 3/

I have an 'Ugly Shoe' problem

/1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/

New look have an amazing selection of tartan and check skirts at the moment in various styles and material. How beautiful is this full skirt ! It's not something I would wear personally but there's no denying how beautiful it is, when it came into work the other day I couldn't stop looking at it.
/1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/

I'm in love with these thick jumpers with the zip running down the back of them , they come in a turquise/teal colour as well! Another favorite of mine is the scallop top, they come in so many colours as well as this pale pink one.

What's on your wishlist for Autumn ?

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Making Your University Room Feel More Like Home

In the second part of my posts relating to university I thought I'd talk a bit about how I decorated my University halls room and how I made it a bit more personal to me so that I felt more at home whilst I was there. 

Luckily for me the block that I was in had been redecorated before we all moved in so the en-suite had all new facilities, the room furnishings had all been replaced and the walls had been repainted!

  • Lots of cushions - Not only are they comfy and perfect for lounging but I really liked how they looked in the room. Without them I found the bed looked a little bit bare. I picked these ones up from Primark and Tesco for under £6 if i remember correctly.
  • Bunting - I found this bunting in the kids party isle in Tesco and it managed to cover about 2 of the walls in my room. I just thought it looked really sweet and it brightened up the walls a bit ! At first I was a bit wary that I would mark the walls but a bit of sellotape did them no harm. 
  • Storage boxes - I picked up some plain cardboard popper storage boxes from Wilkinsons which served me well. They come in lots of different colours but I got some purple and red ones in carious sizes and just used them to store some stationary, make up , jewelry and miscellaneous items. 
  • Photo frames - I brought some from my bedroom at home and just placed them on some of the shelves. it's nice to have some things dotted around that remind you of home.
  • Floral Tins- I got these from Asda for about £3 last year ! I used one from pens and pencils, another for nail varnish and the smallest one for lip products. They don't match the rest of my room decorations but I'm not really a matchy matchy kind of person anyway.
  • Ornaments - Once again I picked up some cheap ones from Wilkinsons and brought some from my bedroom at home just so the shelves didn't look so bare and sad.
  • Notice Board - The notice board in front of my desk was one of my favourite things about the room. I spent so much time pinning stuff to it, I got a bit sad when I had to take it all down while packing up my room. A notice board is the easiest way to make your room more homely, as long as you have enough pins you can pin anything and everything to it. My mum had bought a tub of pins and googly eyes and spent an hour sticking the eyes onto the pins which i thought was really cute and a good DIY!!! I filled my notice board with some pictures, posters, some clothes tags I likes, a few university memories, musical advert leaflets;  A moustache sign that I managed to pin to the board because I couldn't hang it anywhere else and a moustache necklace holder because of the same reason! 
 How you decide to make your room more personal is down to you, you may decide to leave it as it is or you may want to add a personal touch to it. 
I hope those of you moving into University accommodation have found this post of some help !

Thank you for reading

Carys xoxo

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beauty Bargain #1 Rimmel and Sleek Lipgloss for under £1.50

I definitely consider myself a bargain hunter, as soon as I enter a shop I'm always looking for the bargain bin and sale rail. 

When I was in Tesco a few days ago I stumbled across a table with some discounted cosmetics! From what I can remember there was some Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Eyeliner, Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm, and a few Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks all for under £3.00 But what I was really drawn to was the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer and the Sleek Gloss Me Lipgloss'.

There was only one Apocalips product left and that was in the shade Across the Universe which is a gorgeous deep red almost burgundy colour which is unbelievably pigmented. This was reduced from £6.30 to an amazing £1.50 ! I'm not really sure why it was reduced the only reason I can think of was that the seal was broken so I disinfected the applicator when I go back home.

They had so many of the sleek glosses in various shades but I resisted and only got one shade as I hadn't heard much about them and have never tried anything from sleek before. I got the shade Belle Of The Ball, its a pale pink slightly shimmery, iridescent shade and was reduced from £5 to £1.30 ! This was completely sealed.

So keep an eye out in your local Tesco for some beauty bargains !

Thank you for reading

Carys xoxo  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The University Checklist

This time last year I was sorting out my accommodation, nervous about meeting my unknown flatmates and running around trying to figure out what I needed to bring with me to university and how I was going to fit it all into the car.

Trying to figure out what to bring with you to university can be a bit of a daunting task, Do you over pack just to be on the safe side ? Do you wait and buy stuff when you arrive? or do you do it all before you leave?

For the first in a series of posts relating to University, I thought I would do a quick checklist of the items that you may want to bring along with you to university. Some of the stuff on here is quite obvious but you may spot something on here that you didn't think of packing.

  • Duvet and Pillow's
  • Bedding - bed sheets, valance, pillow cases
  • Throw pillows 
  • Fleecy blanket - Perfect for when your halls shuts off the heating early or for cosy nights in with a film
  • Plenty of storage boxes - Great for keeping your room tidy, you could store stationary, jewelry, miscellaneous objects, anything you fancy.
  • Ornaments, Picture frames, posters - great for making your room look less like a prison cell.
  • lots and lots of pins for your notice boards
  • Over the door coat hooks - So you can store your coats, jackets and bags outside of your wardrobe giving you more room inside .
  • Under bed shoe storage - My uni bedroom came with one and i'm so glad it did because it was great for storing all my shoes out of sight and i didn't lose any floor or wardrobe space from it.
  • Laundry basket
  • Lamp
  • Hangers
  • Anything you may feel you'l miss from your room at home.
  • Alarm clock
  • Doorstop 
  • Wall calender
  • Room Freshener
  • Iron
Bathroom (En-suite)

  • Cleaning products - Keeping the place fresh and clean saves you a lot of trouble on inspection day.
  • Small bin
  • Towels
  • Towel Box - Great for storing your spare towels when your not using them
  • Towel mat
  • Toiletries

This is a tricky one , it may be best to wait till you get to your halls to see what is there and what others may have brought with them. You don't want to end up with 6 boxes of full dining sets, 8 boxes of cutlery, 5 woks and 10 saucepans with no where to store them. 

  • Large plate, smaller plate, large bowl, smaller bowl
  • Cutlery
  • Sharp knife and chopping boards
  • Plenty of mugs and cups- you will probably come home with 2 if your lucky
  • Straws
  • Plastic cups - great for pre -drinks at other flats
  • Cleaning products
  • Sponges and washing up liquid
  • Bowl and draining board
  • Tea bag, coffee, sugar holders
  • Electrical items - toaster,kettle, toastie maker (your halls may supply them for you)
  • As many tea towels as you can carry
  • Oven Gloves
  • Baking tray and Pizza Tray
  • Utensils - Spatula etc

  • HDMI Lead - Use your laptop as a DVD player and connect it to the TV
  • Alcohol - No one likes to run out during freshers week
  • Organizer/planner - Keep on top of your work
  • First aid kit - No one wants to go traipsing to the shops when your ill after medicine. My mum filled mine with painkillers, cold and flue tablets, plasters, antiseptic cream, lemsip, soothers, cough medicine, everything you take for granted when your at home. I didn't use half of the stuff in there but it was good to know that it was there when i needed it.
  • Washing Powder
  • Any certificates, letters, passport copies, passport photos you may need to present.
  • Stationary - Folders, notepads, post it notes, coloured pens, highlighters etc
  • Small Holdall for weekend trips back home 
  • Chargers 

Hope any freshers out there find this list helpful

Thank you for reading

Carys xoxo

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Soap and Glory - Scrub Your Nose in it

Soap and Glory - Scrub Your Nose in it

I'm the first to admit my skincare routine isn't the best , I tend to stay away from products like face washes that need to be washed off and tend to favour those that can be applied with a bit of cotton wool but I have made an exception for this face scrub ! 

It's been sitting in my draw for far longer than I care to admit but it doesn't seem to have gone off or irritate my skin.

As you can see it has a blue tinge to it that reminds me a bit of toothpaste.... but it has a minty, Aloe Vera type smell to it rather than the classic soap and glory smell.

Now, this product is multi-purpose and can be used as a simple scrub or an 
'oil-absorbing,brightening, pore cleaning mask'. Personally I prefer using it as a mask as I feel it makes up for not frequently using an exfoliate and it seems to give more noticeable results, always a good thing!

 On the bottle it recommends a 'Pea sized dollop'  but I use a slightly larger amount to give better coverage, and pay close attention to my tea zone and other oily areas of my skin.

5 minutes later......

  After washing it off my skin feels refreshed, firm and tingly for lack of a better word. The pores around my nose looked slightly reduced after using twice a week for about three weeks and there was a reduction in oil instantly. I would definitely recommend this product for someone who has oily or combination skin.

In the past face scrubs have left me with more breakouts than I started with but after using this my breakouts neither increased or decreased so its a thumbs up from me !

I noticed when looking on the Boots website a few weeks ago that they have changed the packaging of the product but judging by the description it is still essentially the same product and retails at £9.00 for 100ml (slightly smaller than the old bottle (125ml) )

Hope you have found this review of some help

Thank you for reading 

Carys xoxo

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Collective haul....Topshop, Primark, Jack Wills, Fashion Union, Urban Outfitters.

This is definitely a mish mash of a haul with the first thing being bought in April and the last in May sometime, so I didn't have just one huge shopping explosion all at once! Which makes me feel slightly better about my spending habits, only slightly. 

£11 / £4/ £13

Primark - The floral dungarees were a bit of an impulse buy, i debated for a month on whether to return them or not! Typically when I was away in Pembroke the other day within a minute of putting them on while i was buckling up one of the straps one of the end bits which clip the straps on pinged off! Leaving me to spend the whole day reattaching the strap with a bobby pin (still think they are the best multipurpose invention!).

I also picked up this basic black floaty cami top which are always handy to wear with jeans or shorts etc.

The bright playsuit is so nice, i don't think the photos do it justice! Its sort of a velvety materiel which sounds a bit off for summer but it fits so nicely and i love the double strap detail. 

£3/ £4/ £1.50

Of course I picked up some frilly socks in primark. I also love the simple two colour clutch bags they have at the moment, they are such a bargain at £4. I have been looking for a cheapish pair of round sunglasses for the past two summers and now I have finally found them in the form of these £3 primark ones. 

£30/ £25/ £59

Urban Outfitters- I've been lusting after this gingham dress for months and months, just couldn't justify the steep price tag! Alas after going into sale for almost half the price it would be rude not to right? 

Fashion Union - I love palm tree print ! The slightly cut out sides which can just be seen with the two tier effect are a really nice detail.

Jack Wills - There are no words for this dress, I love it so much there was a lot of umming and arring involved before I bought it but after a lot of persuasion from my mum it was mine ! I wore it out a few nights ago for a friends birthday with a pair of wedges but i think you could easily dress it down a bit with a pair of converse and a cardigan.


Topshop- These trousers are a bit dark for summer but when autumn rolls around again i'll be pairing these with a pair of black ankle boots and a jumper or shirt! Can't believe they were only £9 with student discount.

Thanks for reading

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